Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost fans

Any lost fans out there????? I've been watching seasons one through four to get my husband caught up and man I have forgotten about all the small details. Down to Ben mentioning that "this has all happened before" to building the runway.
My family and I were hoping that someone someday will put all of the scenes in chronological order. Wouldn't that be amazing!!!! There has to be a lost fan with tons of time on their hands. Any volunteers???
I can't believe I am this involved with a show. A few years ago I would have never invested this much time in a T.V. show. One more season though and it all ends. Sad but, if it went on for too long I think I'd become bored with it all.
Well off to continue my LOST obsession!!!!


  1. I watch lost too. Although, I decided that the title is not due to the crash survivors being lost. It is because that is how the audience feels. I forget more than I remember because so much is going on. :)

  2. I haven't watched at all this season! It might be a good idea for me to watch all the previous seasons again!

  3. Check out the blog award for you at my blog.

    Where are you? Probably still trying to figure out Lost. LOL