Sunday, March 15, 2009


Does anyone else watch Reaper???? Well I do and the new episode aired on Monday. Something seemed a little off to me. Maybe a writter dropped ou, which wouldn't suprise me because every other show I watch ends up the same way. Anyway, the characters just didn't see, as lovable. They didn't start the season the way it ended unless I missed one. I don't remeber them explaining that the lead character was actually the sun of the devil. I'm confused. If there is anyone out there that can help me out I'd appreciate it.

I hope this does not turn out to be another Dead Like Me. I loved that show!!!! If you saw the movie.....rrrrr... that was a big disappointment. Oh, the shows I love that never last.

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  1. They haven't yet explained that Sam is the Devil's son IMO. The whole thing seems to me as if Sam is assuming he is, and the Devil is just playing along. I suspect there is more to this story than what is currently meeting the eyes.

    BTW, if you'd like to talk to other Reaper fans, then I thought I'd invite you to our forum, ReaperDMV. We'd love to have you, and you can join our email campaign for a season three. Thanks!